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Research and development, production, implementation, service, training
Research and development, production, implementation, service, training

CNP EMAG is a group of companies with vast experience and knowledge of extraction branch. We possess specialized knowledge and competent employees, which, in connection with research, laboratories, production, trade, implementation, training and service potential, allows us to successfully carry out projects worldwide.

The EMAG Institute is particularly involved in areas where modern IT solutions can be used:

  • security systems for monitoring and assessment of natural hazards and technological processes,
  • modern management systems for large organizations,
  • information systems and information security,
  • decision-support systems, analysis and processing of big data sets,
  • power supply and control systems for electric devices, with special respect to energy saving and security,
  • systems and devices which need automatic solutions,
  • systems for measuring the quality of minerals,
  • power supply systems and devices.

High qualifications and good experience of our employees, combined with well equipped laboratories, enable to solve even the most difficult issues in industry, administration and the defence sector. In addition, we can provide expert opinions and assessments for state institutions and individual customers.

Achievements, implementations and numerous awards granted to EMAG speak for constantly increasing research potential and our position on the market. Our experts and the results of their research are widely recognized and invited to participate in international congresses and conferences.

CNP EMAG companies offer wide variety of products:

  • Gas measurement and geophysics:
    • Automatic gas measurement systems
    • Personal gas measurement devices
    • Seismoacoustic systms
    • Seismological systems
  • Telecommunications:
    • Telecommunications systems
    • Data transmission systems
    • Telecommunication networks
  • Evidence and monitoring systems:
    • Explosives
    • Personnel
    • Vehicles, materials, devices
  • Control and visualisation:
    • Visualisation systems
    • Production support systems
    • CCTV and access control systems
  • Automations:
    • Mining control systems, including coal processing control systems
    • Industrial control systems
    • Lightning systems
  • Electrotechnology and energetics:
    • LV and MV distribution centers
    • UPS
    • LV and MV energetic networks


TELVIS designs and manufactures dispatcher, alarm-broadcasting telecommunication systems, intrinsically safe and industrial phones, transmission systems, intrinsically safe measuring devices, telecommunications boxes, underground transportation monitoring systems, and others.

TELVIS, together with its daughter company Telkom-Telos, is currently one of the biggest manufacturer of industrial telephones and intrinsically safe communication systems in Europe.


EMAG SERWIS manufactures measurement devices for safety parameters control systems in exploiting industries (mainly mining), such as methane meters and other atmosphere parameters sensors, seismic devices and industrial measurement devices.


CTT EMAG manufactures hydraulics and and industrial automation solutions as well as industrial measurement systems, geophysics and energetic systems. It also represents other CNP EMAG companies in markets outside of Poland.


COMFORTEL delivers professional ICT solutions for many different industrial branches and public organisations. It develops ICT systems for businesses. Its portfolio consists of, amongst others, solutions for network records, information distribution, billing and BSS/OSS system for operators. COMFORTEL provides also complex implementations of telecommunication systems.

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